Mental Health Program

Nelson Park School is excited to have a new Mental Health program starting this term.

Stacy Maxwell is our  Mental Health Practitioner. The Mental Health Practitioner works with secondary school students (Years 7 to 12) to support their mental health so that they can continue to attend school and work toward their goals.

Having a Mental Health Practitioner who has the necessary skills and knowledge at the school as part of our Wellbeing Team enhances our ability to provide specific mental health supports for our students.

The mental health Practitioner can also support the school and other mental health supports in the community to support students while they are at school.

Stacy may work to help the student find mental health supports in the community, or support the connection between school and community mental health supports that are already involved.

Stacy can also work with small groups of students on a topic to support their mental health. If you would like more information about the Mental Health program or think that it would be helpful for your child in year 7-12, please speak with your child’s teacher or Student Wellbeing Officer and they can give you more information.

There is also information about the Mental Health program on the Department of Education and Training website: