Therapy Team

The Nelson Park therapy team:

The Therapy Team at Nelson Park consists of an Occupational Therapist, Art Therapist and therapy assistants. The Therapy Team provides assessments and group and individual therapy; as well as working with teachers and Education Support staff to help our students achieve their goals. The Nelson Park Therapy Team also liaises with external therapists (such as NDIA, Barwon Health, Royal Children’s Hospital) to best meet students’ needs at school.

Occupational Therapist

The role of the school Occupational Therapist includes supporting students in handwriting, hand and finger tasks, sitting for learning, sensory processing, understanding emotions, toileting, eating, travelling safely on the bus and play.

Art Therapist

Our Art Therapist works 2 days a week and she provides support to our students who are referred through our in-school referral system.