Specialist Program


Digital Technology

Digital Technology has evolved at Nelson Park School over the past few years. Where once the focus was almost solely on how to use a computer, its software and peripherals the past two years has seen a progression to teaching and learning about coding, robotics and networking. Students live in an increasingly digital aged and as a school Nelson Park School has this year introduced a coding program. In addition to learning how to navigate programs, games and the Internet students are learning the fundamentals of coding and its practical uses. A variety of robotic machines are being used to help students directly see the application of coding in a practical way. They are shown  how the learning they are doing now is employed directly in the real world. Students have and are using a variety of robots such as Blue Bots, Dash and Dot, Probots, We-Do, Erickson’s and Lego Mindstorms EV3s to help them learn about the wonderful world of robotics. Through the medium of robotics students are learning thinking, speaking and listening skills, cooperation with other students, programming and coding (language skills) and problem solving. This is done in fun and engaging learning environment where students of all ages and abilities have been challenged to continue to improve in all areas of the Digital Technology curriculum.

Design Technology

Design and Technology is the driving force behind new innovations in our; entertainment, construction, transport, business, and many other day to day processes in our lives. Students learn to create, research, test, design and critically evaluate products and processes, while using a range of hand tools power tools, equipment, and materials. The structure of the program is based on the design implementation cycle, and takes students through the process of investigate, produce, and evaluate. Core units of study include; Lego design, Woodwork, Electronics, bike tech, Automotive systems, and Project based learning.

Media Arts

From creating our own movies and documentaries to running our own school based news network (Nelson Park Television – NPTV), media arts at Nelson Park School puts the students right in the thick of media production. The students use video cameras, green screens, special effects programs and video editing equipment to go beyond simply evaluating media, but to create it. With a focus on both messages within media and practical application with programs such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro the students develop critical thinking as well as skills to create their own media artworks. What we produce then becomes REAL through screenings of our films at local cinemas to the running of our NPTV ‘TeacherTube’ page.

Visual Arts

NPS gives it’s students the opportunity to discover their own creativity through using different mediums and materials in visual arts. We use colour and movement to create an individualised art work for each student. These newly learnt skills are put into practice so the students can create work that may be put into exhibitions and displayed. Art is a form of expression and the students are learning to express through their own art practice and sharing who they are.

Physical Education

All students at Nelson Park participate in a rotational “engaged play” at recess and lunch of which Basketball, Football, Cricket, trampolining and active play feature every day.

Junior Classes, P-6 participate in a two year rotation of sports including Perceptual motor skills programs, Movement: athletics and cross country units, Kicking sports: Soccer, Football, Hitting sports: Softball, Bat tennis, rounders, hockey and Lacrosse.

Seniors, 7-9 participate for a whole day or sessions Friday in “whacky sports,” Great Victorian Bike ride, Bogong camp, Marine studies- surfing and snorkelling, Barwon Adventure- canoeing, stand up paddling.

Whole School Sport, we have a whole school athletics day at Landy Field and prior training. Cross Country at Barwon Park, Football Day, Region Cross country team and two week swimming program.

Students at Nelson Park are very active and extremely capable across a wide range of levels and skills and locations. Students and teachers use Physical activities to focus, build positive self worth, fitness and pathways to allow for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Food Tech:

Students develop an understanding of both nutrition and cooking skills in our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Learning not only the mechanics of cooking, but the nutritional value of food is a crucial step in developing growing, healthy bodies for now and into the future.


A library is an important source of knowledge and learning to young minds in schools. It encourages reading in a positive and warm space. Research shows that school libraries have a positive impact on the engagement and learning outcomes for students. Every school should have a library and our school library is a brand new facility which supports our school’s focus on reading quality texts. The library was completed at the end of 2018 and it has been filled with books that are engaging, current and aimed at student’s interests. Every week, students from Year 3 – 9 access the library with their class teacher. Foundation to Year 2 also access the library weekly, with a specialist teacher. The library focus for Foundation to Year 2  is on text engagement and text enjoyment. We are proud of our welcoming library space and encourage all in our community to access and enjoy what it offers.