Indigenous Sports Uniform

Indigenous design, sports uniform for Nelson Park School.

In Term 2, 2023 we commenced on the journey to bridge a few gaps within our school and the student’s identity.  We have students and families that identify as Indigenous and some that are Indigenous but won’t identify due to various reasons. We wanted to support and provide better identity within our Indigenous students and their culture and linked it to a project that the school would be able to contribute toward as a school community and wider community.

Why we wanted an Indigenous design that our students created. Currently when our students attend inter school sporting events, we noticed that we are unidentifiable to other schools or community members accessing the sporting events.  Many schools have a sports uniform and are identifiable.

A group of senior students (years 10-12) who identify as Indigenous/ Torres Strait Islander were identified and asked if they wanted to participate in this journey and design. They collaborated with our Koorie Education Support Officer (KESO) Meagan Howell. Meagan was instrumental in providing cultural context and imagery to support the student’s knowledge in creating a design that was authentic to them. She scaffolded and work shopped how the students wanted the school represented whilst honoring their culture and wider student identity. The students focused on using indigenous symbols whilst incorporating our school context of uniform colours, values/ moto, journey and paying our respects to everyone through this design.I


The front design:

Rainbow with our school’s name encompasses the three relationships to create a community forming together- School, Parent/carers and the student.

The hand represents the community and the feet represent woman and man coming together to build a community for the child with the school.

The shields on each of the sides are for protection and safe keeping.

The circles at the bottom of the t-shirts represent the different journeys/transitions through life that schooling the waving lines that connect the circles together are the path walked/travelled to get to the next venture e.g. kindergarten to prep, p-6, 7-10 and 11-12 into future pathways. `




The back design:

Life-long learners represents our school moto and it represents our students as leaners not just in school but in life.

The wavy lines represent the spirits and our ancestors, the red circle and blue crescent shapes represent gathering as a community and a meeting place. 

Left sleeve:

The students wanted to pay their respects to everyone who lives and identifies Australia as their home land. They did this with the Australian, Indigenous, Torres Strait Islanders and also wanted to represent the pride flag as it fits in with students and their identity.

Right sleeve:

The students wanted to represent the school logo and the school values because that is what underpins us as a school.