School Leadership Team 2017
Principal Class Officers:
Libby Gatgens, Lisa Murphy and Julie Jameson.

Leading Teachers:
Kaye McConnell – Accountability
Megan Trim – Alternative Programs & Curriculum
Jodie Christian – ICT
Megan Trim – Specialist Team Leader
Julie Jameson, Nathan Bush, Marg Shepard, Kaye McConnell- Health & Wellbeing
Lisa Murphy, Katrina Lumb, Jodie Christian – Teaching & Learning

Aspirant Leaders:
Early Years – Warren Dawson
Years 3-6 – Rachael Nuske & Alex Stavenuiter

Years 7-9 – Scott Kenyon
Years 10-12 – Kate Rigby
Specialist Team – Warwick Fincher

Student Leadership

Congratulations to the 2017 student Leadership Team, I look forward to working all student leaders in 2017.


Libau Ave:

Harry Schaller & Ruby Tysoe

Illinois Ave:

Jessica Blakely & Lachlan Skinner