Nelson Park School Leadership Structure 2019

Principal                               Libby Gatgens

Assistant Principal            Lisa Murphy  (Years 7-12/Whole School Teaching and Learning)

Assistant Principal            Melissa Vago (F-6/Whole School Health and Wellbeing)

Leading Teacher               Nathan Bush (F-6/Health and Wellbeing/Operations)

Leading Teacher               Katrina Lumb (Teaching and Learning)

Learning Specialist           Aimee Lynch  (F-6)

Leading Teacher               Kaye McConnell (Years 7-9 Health and Wellbeing/Operations)

Leading Teacher               Megan Trim (Specialists)

Learning Specialist           Marg Murnane (7-12

Leading Teacher               Andrew Earls (Years 10-12 Campus Leader)

Mary Steuten                    Positive Behaviour Support Coach

Lisa Rendevski                  Education Support Leader

PLC Facilitators

Chris Davidson   (Specialist PLC)

Tess Kelly (F-2)

Lisa McLatchie  (3-6)

Jenna Korth (7-9)

Robyn Heinrich (10)

Kate Rigby (11-12)

Curriculum Leaders

Literacy – Marg Murnane

Numeracy – Katrina Lumb

Senior Secondary – Robyn Heinrich