School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)


Nelson Park School is proud to be a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWBPS) learning environment. This means we actively teach positive social behaviours across the school for all students. Our staff are becoming highly skilled in supporting students to know and practice positive behaviours and are committed to developing each child’s individual learning goals within an environment of positive support and acknowledgement. SWPBS is an evidence-based framework that is proven to
 improve pro-social behaviour
 increase positive emotional regulation
 improve academic achievement
 reduce behaviours of concern
 improve students’ concentration,
 build a school wide positive culture

Nelson Park School teaches students positive behaviours using our four positively stated School rules. Our rules are matched to our school values of Learning and Effort, Co-operation, Community and Respect.
These are expressed as language statements we use with our students across the school –
• Try Your Best
• Make Good Choices
• Care For Our School
• Respect Yourself and Others

Each rule has a list of expected behaviours which students are explicitly taught and rewarded for demonstrating the school-wide reward system involves earning GOTCHA’s.

Students GOTCHAs are tallied and each section of the school recognises student efforts in varying ways.
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If you want it, teach it
Teach it where you want it
If you want to see it, look for it
If you see it, recognise and reward it.
– Dale R. Myers