Years 11-12

Years 11-12 Curriculum

From Yr 10 onwards, all students are able to participate in Work Experience on a weekly basis for 2 1/2 years learning and developing skills to participate in the work force.

The Nelson Park School and Northern Bay College partnership enables use of the Trade Training Centre and supports the vocational education development of our students.

Certificate I in Transition Education (CTE)
The Certificate in Transition Education (CTE) gives Nelson Park students the opportunity to gain a certificate qualification over their final two years of schooling (Year 11 and 12) whilst preparing them for the challenges of independent living, further learning, employment and being an active member of their community. The CTE coursework compliments practical, hands on applied learning. Examples of units that students will complete include Using Technology, Participating in the Community, Using Public Transport, Practical Numeracy, Using Recipes, Health and Safety, and Investigating Future Options. Nelson Park strongly values reading and writing learning throughout all year levels and this continues to be a major focus in students’ senior year levels.
Students undertaking the CTE Course also participate in VET ‘taster’ courses in Hospitality, Automotive and Building and construction as well as having the opportunity to complete work experience and traineeship placements. The recent addition of the Personal Interdependence Programs (PIPs) to the CTE Course is aimed at exposing students to employment and pathways options in their community through volunteering and industry exposure, STEM and STEAM opportunities whilst building their resilience and independent living skills.


The Careers Development program at Nelson Park is one that we are very proud of and is seen as giving our students the best opportunities to succeed on their chosen pathway. It encompasses Volunteering and Enclaves (school based work skills programs) and Work Experience which can on occasions lead to School Based Traineeships.

Essentially we work to give a wide range of options for students to meet their interest in an industry or business. In the last 10 years, approximately 250 different businesses have hosted our students to provide a Work experience placement. Some are generous and provide a placement almost every term, some are niche employers and cater to a specific student’s needs.

The program is designed to engage our students into school and learning and provide the best opportunity to gain meaningful employment once they have left school. Here are some of our successes:

BF: 4 year apprenticeship in Auto Repair with Winter and Taylor
BB: into 3 year of Viticulture at Banks Rd Winery
TRB: still working at Montessori Kindergarten after 6 years
AA: working at Clifton Springs Golf Club
HP: Completed Cert III, now into Cert IV in Diesel Mechanic.
BOT: dal
CV: Recently landed apprenticeship at Geelong Cats Bistro
TO: self-employed, now working sub-contract with Jim’s Mowing
TM: Cert III Primary Producing, retained by employer for 4 years. Now at Air Radiators for shift allowance so he can buy his own home.
LM: refused to participate in Work Experience until year 12. Completed Bricklaying apprenticeship, now undertaking Carpentry apprenticeship so that he can do most of the building.

However, the program would not be successful if it were not for the generous host employers who guide and mentor our students. Nelson Park School encourages all members of our school community to at least consider these businesses for the goods and services they provide. Here is a short list of some of the more regular employers;

A & D Stockfeeds and Firewood (North Geelong)
Breakwater Pre-School
Brotherhood of St Laurence Op-Shop (Grovedale)
City Learning and Care (the Link- Whittington)
dial –a – lunch (Geelong City)
GDP Industries (North Geelong)
GUF Games (Geelong City)
John Coumans Motors (North Geelong)
Mercy Care Rice Village (Marshall)
Newlanders IGA (Bell Park)
NQR (North Geelong)
Quiksilver (North Shore Warehouse)
RedGum & Iron (South Geelong)
The Paddock, Homestart (Encompass)
Woolworths Corio
Wright Dental Prosthetics (Geelong City).

We also have excellent partnerships with G-Force, 4GR, Apprenticeships Matter who give our students many layers of support and opportunity to be successful.